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Lead & Zinc Work

Orpington & Bromley'S Preferred Roofing Contractor for Lead & Zinc Flashing

For more than 30 years, Regency Roofing has been the leading lead and zinc-work specialist.

Across Orpington and the wider Bromley area

Regency Roofing’s highly-trained roofers provide the best in quality lead flashing and zinc work to keep your roof safe and sound.

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From Start to Finish

From our base in Orpington Kent, our local team is on hand to talk you through every stage: from the choice of materials to the after care of your lead and zinc flashing.


Your peace of mind is key to our success – that is why at Regency Roofing we offer free, no obligation estimates for all our work.

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Why Does My Roof Require Lead Flashing?

he key purpose of lead flashing is to stop water seeping into the main structure.

Traditionally used as a joining or sealing agent, lead flashing is applied wherever slates or tiles meet another fitting – for example in roof valleys, chimney stacks or skylights.

Lead was the industry’s go-to substance of choice for hundreds of years as it is a relatively soft and malleable material that is easy to mould without splitting or cracking. And crucially, it will remain effective for many, many years.

Today, other metals – such as zinc – are becoming increasingly popular, providing a great alternative. At Regency Roofing we are happy to discuss the best option for you and your home.

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Keeping Your Roof Dry

As Orpington’s premier choice for roofs and roofing repairs, Regency Roofing knows how important zinc or lead flashing is, no matter what style of roof. Nothing is more dangerous to a roof than water that is why lead or zinc flashing is essential for:

  • Flat roofs – flashing is the first defence against water penetration

  • Pitched roofs – where two roofs are joined forming valleys, flashing is essential to stop water pouring into the property.

Making the Choice Between Lead and Zinc

Regency Roofing will always take the time to talk to our customers about all the options we have available.

With more than three decades’ of experience under our belts, we have worked extensively with lead flashing and it remains the most comprehensive protection against weathering and damage, thus extending the life of your roof or repair.

However, should you wish to consider a different option, our skilled team are on hand to help.

We're Here to Help

Should your flat roof require any repairs throughout its lifespan, Regency Roofing is on hand to provide quality repairs at a competitive price. We are on call from 8am-5pm and a member of our friendly team is always ready to help no matter what your roofing issue.

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